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Jim Derrig

Chuck, since I only attend TCKC races for fun and not for championship points, it doesn’t make any difference to me that “TaG” is limited to rotax and PRD, as I just tell everyone up front that I’m DQ’d from any points but I’m the fastest SOB on the track and they’re welcome to prove me wrong. ;)

Which they do. :)

Regarding maintenance and tuning, the pumper carbs used by PRD’s, the X30 and the X125t are very simple to tune:  Two externally adjusted screws and that’s it.  One fuel line.  The Tryton carb on the X30 and the X125t (“heavy” version) seems more reliable than the Tilotson–stick in a rebuild kit about every 8 hours.

The X125t also comes with an upgrade radiator suitable for those hot summer day in the Tri Cities.  And the one-piece exhaust doesn’t spurt goo all over your suit (yeah!).

I’d definitely pump Jerry for info on his experience with the X30.