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Rob Howden

I appreciate reading the positive input and responses, for sure, because that’s the stuff that we’ll look to continue. As for constructive criticism and ideas, these are important as well. We took many of the ideas from the responses on the SuperNationals broadcasts into these new shows, and I think the improvement and evolution was very apparent.

As for being able to show more racing and more classes, that’s just not something we can get around without going to a 60-minute show, which can only happen with a much larger investment by SKUSA, or vastly increased sponsorship/commercial funding. That will be tough. That said, I’m being told that we’ll focus on different classes each day during the two SummerNationals broadcasts from New Castle, so the exposure will be spread among more of the drivers.

The primary key to me is that the effort continue into the future. SKUSA has put karting on TV and we need to support them so that this will continue. If they can make this a constant in their program, it will be a huge player in bringing our sport to the next level, both in terms of exposure and prestige and professionalism, and in educating the masses in regards to the viability of karting as a motorsports destination.

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