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Jim Derrig

Hi Chuck.  I can relate.  One reason I left shifter was my 50+ year old bod was tired of the physical pounding a shifter delivers.

Has TCKC changed its TaG format?  Last time I was there I showed up with a Leopard and had to call myself either a Rotax or a PRD because no other engines were recognized at the club level.   Great track and club, but I thought that was a little strange.

Here’s how I see your choices:

1.  PRD:  Basically, its a Leopard made in the orient.  Good price and good local class, but at a disadvantage if you want to run Gold Cup.  I assume it has the same annoying vibration issue as the Leopard.  I don’t know if it also duplicates the electrical issues I seemed to consistently encounter with the Leopard (ate stators; unnecessarily complex wiring harness)

2.  X-30:  Stronger motor with longer rebuild cycle.  Dicy italian electronics, and only “necessary” if you intend to run SKUSA national races.  Not sure if TCKC is recognizing it this year?  I know Jerry Pitts uses one for Gold Cup but he also has a Rotax and a KT-100.  You will like this motor more than the PRD.  You will pay more for it than for a PRD.

3.  Rotax:  I assume you’ve considered this option and decided against it.

4.  X125t:  Not sure if you considered this one.  Stronger and more reliable than the X-30 and legal for IKF TaG.  No electrical issues that I know of outside of being stuck with the same questionable starter that everyone else uses.  It’s the motor to have, IMHO, unless you’re running Rotax or SKUSA national events.  Cheap if you can find a trade-in, due to Italian Motors’ trade-in program.