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Ted Hamilton

IIRC,  EVERY braking and steering bolt must be safety wired.  Overkill, if you ask me.  The Europeans seem to get by fine with nylocks and frequent checking, but they also build and rebuild their kart far more often than we tend to…  So…  Be prepared to break quite a few 1/16″ drill bits!  LOL

I’ve successfully drilled some of the bolts by hand, on the kart.  I sacrafice one nylock (per bolt size) and loosen it a few turns then drill through the nylock and bolt.  Then the nylock serves as a guide for all other bolts of that size that I need to drill.

I use lots of oil and a relatively high load and low speed to prevent heat building and work-hardening of the bolt, which makes drilling next to impossible.  Alternatively, you can remove the bolt and use a commercially available safety wire guide device.  I was too cheap to get one and devised my method above…  (Actually, it was borne of having to drill a lot for the next day and not having the device…)

Hope that helps.  Welcome to the addiction!



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