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Bruce Peck

Talk to Craig Dori in Indy about Wilwood.  A few years ago Craig designed and made a new laydown frame and did a lot of work with brakes including some components from Wilwood.  I think he had issues and ended up using something different for front calipers (this was a 100cc kart though).  I can get you Craig’s contact info if he doesn’t comment in here.

You’re right about the EC-750 front calipers.  They are not self adjusting so as pads wear you have to manually adjust by adding/subtracting shims.

FYI – Craig also had new front brake hub/disc carrier set ups made and has some on the shelf.  I bought a couple of sets recently, but he has more if anyone needs some.  I think he has discs for these but they have the standard MCP bolt pattern so you can bolt on the discs you already have.