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Jeremy Baldi

Bruce you are correct I meant the MCP aluminum hub and I already have the slotted 1/4″ cast disc on it. I use the same rear caliper as you posted but I was mistaken I have the black MCP master cylinders with the larger reservoirs. The system can be great and I can stop super fast but they no longer make the front pads so time for at least new front calipers. Plus the system has always had the problem were I have to pump the brakes which is no good.

I have looked at those front calipers and I know they work for Brian who is going even faster than me. But I have also heard they need a lot of adjustment all the time. Like you said Brian will probably chime after he gets home from Grattan.

I have talked to a couple of vendors now too and along with Greg’s recommendation they are saying look into the wilwood. So I will at least explore those as well. Since there isn’t much room up front for big calipers on a laydown most of the superkart options don’t work. Hopefully I can get it all sorted before Mid Ohio.

Jeremy Baldi