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Otto Hoel

Hi again,

This is more of an FYI for others looking for this info.

Finally got somewhere.  Following Walt’s advice above, I had to remove the carb to see anything at all, and once I got the grime off I could see that it was a Tryton.

Typing this name into Google eventually got me to TSracing and their parts catalog, where I learned that there are two different versions of this engine.  A 125cc and a 118cc.  The first one has a TX designation and the smaller one is called a VX.  They have different gaskets for the reed-valve to block and the reed-valve to carb connections.

Here is how to tell what you got:

Look on the front of the engine, lower side near where the engine mount is, and you should find a number.  If that number is above 1000 it’s a TX125.  If the number is below 1000 it’s a VX118.

You can also look at the top of the crank case near the reed valve opening there may be a letter “T” stamped in the case.  This means you got a TX125.

I found the T and it looks like this:

(Well, it would look like this if I could get the picture posted.  But I can’t, so you’ll just have to imagine.)


Hope this helps somebody else looking for this.