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Sean S

Robert: LAR’s karts never ran! Johnny never showed up and Larry was helping pit for Wayne.

Event: This was the first time running with DKC and it was great! Everything ran perfect and I didn’t notice any hiccups. The only tiny issue was that most people (or at least Bob, Wayne, Larry and I) in the lower pits were unable to hear any updates over the speakers for race time changes due to incoming weather. As Jeremy already said above, combining classes on Saturday made room for an hour of open practice, which was great. That lead into Bob’s Race Clinic and his little tip shaved off 1 sec + for me. The track dried very quick Sat/Sun mornings and no one ran in the rain. Now on to Belding/Grattan weather…

Grattan weather man:        Forecast  vs.  What really happens
70% of rain/thunderstorms = No ran
0% chance of rain/cool night = torrential downpour

Sleeping in a new 5×6 “waterproof  for up to 2 minutes” tent at the race track was actually pretty fun :) (Moved tent under our race canopy so we were good)

Thanks again DKC/AKRA for the great event. See you all at Mid-Ohio.

Tony Kart / Leopard