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Jeremy Baldi

Back from Grattan and once again DKC put on a great event and the AKRA folks were there doing their part as well. There was some weather to deal with but the DKC/AKRA folks did a great job of getting everyone lots of track time and full races for everyone. They extended practice late on Friday and even opened the track for extra practice on Sat after the races, which was awesome.

Had a good weekend. Set new personal best time and after a disappointing Sat race (mechanical issues) gave Brain a good battle for the lead in Sundays f-125 race. Awesome time.

I’ll let them go into further details but the AKRA team also mentioned they are already working on their 2016 schedule with expanded events. This was a great event and EVERYONE should try everything they can to get to the next series race at Mid Ohio because I know it will be another great event.

Jeremy Baldi