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I’m going to have to agree with Greg and TJ on this one…

Why are 16 year old’s racing with “adults”?  I definitely think the entire age structure needs to be re-thought in karting.  Look at Sportsman for example; 8-12 years old.  If you turn 13 at the right time of the year, January 1st, for example, you could be a Freshman in high school, racing against 8 year old 4th or 5th graders??  From a maturity perspective, that simply doesn’t make sense?  You wouldn’t see a 5th grader playing football on the freshman high school team.

Cadets: 8-10 (3 years eligibility)

Sportsman: 11-13 (3 years)

Juniors: 14-17 (4 years)

Seniors: 18+ (adults)

And drop the date of birth requirement allowing older kids to stay down a year!!  When you turn 11, you move UP!  When you turn 14, you move UP!