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Jay Sinon

We were at the WKA race at GoPro Motorplex last month racing Yamaha Sr.  The front 3 guys were battling it out all weekend cutting each other off and taking each other out. When they came of the track and got to the scale they would start yelling at each other “you took me out” “Wait until next round I will show you” Obviously I cleaned up the language for the sake of this article but this was every single time they came off the track and then they would yell at each other until the officials finally would separate them, and in the middle of all these so called adults is my 15 year old daughter who I told to just stay away from these guys or they will end up taking you out. Point is tempers flair kids yell at kids-ok, adults yell at adults-ok, taking it out on track happens between kids and adults and if one of those grown men ever came after my 15 year old daughter after the race  you better believe I will jump in to protect her that’s my job as a father and there we have the problem with adults racing kids. I see it all the time and I shouldn’t have tell my daughter stay away from them I should be telling her go get them and do your best.

TaG Sr.