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Jim Derrig

“The big issues we’ve had over the past couple years in the TaG class stems mostly from young kids moving up and having the speed to run up front, but none of the common sense or racecraft. Which results in them running everyone over.”

I agree with this, but suggest that the age factor is a red herring, as a 40-year-old with speed but no common sense or race craft is just as much an accident waiting to happen as a 14-year-old with the same issues.  I’ve raced with 15-year-olds whom I learned to trust implicitly to make the right decisions (and always do so), and 40-year-olds who frankly shouldn’t have been allowed on the track.

The 16-year-old limit is a time honored cutoff and should not be lowered.  However, it should not be an absolute bar to younger drivers with clearly-demonstrated skills.  Likewise, I tend to agree with TJ that regardless of age, a driver should have to spend at least one year in a lower class (or have some other sort of proven racing background, such as MX, SCCA, Skip Barber school, etc.) before being allowed to race TaG.  Most of the craziness I’ve seen has involved newbies jumping into TaG’s or (worse) shifters without any real idea of how to drive (“it’s just a go kart, how hard can this be?”).