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Jeff Grivers

Here is a complete parts list.  All the parts i have to sell are in good working condition and are not broken.  I usually base my prices at 50% less than the cost of new unless the part is not in good condition of course.  New prices are taken from fastech-racing.com which is a reasonably priced site.

-OTK Steering Wheel -$75

-OTK Steel Brake and Accelerator Pedals -$75 for both or $40 each

-OTK Clutch Lever – $20

-OTK Gear Shift Lever with Linkage and Heim joints -$100

-OTK Steering Wheel Hub – $40

-OTK Torsion Bars W/ Clamps – i have the rear bar, the front flat bar, and the front gold 2mm tubular bar(stiffer) – $50 each

-OTK Foot Support Complete Kit – $75

-OTK Left Spindle W/castor/camber pills and 10mm kingpin – $100

-OTK Wheels 2 front 2 rear i believe they are MAG wheels – $200

-Steering Shaft (brand new) – $80

-OTK Forged Aluminum Axel Cassettes 40/50mm 3 position i have 3 of these – $75 each

-OTK Front Wheel Hubs for BS5-7 brake system, i have 2 – $125 each

-OTK Rear Wheel Hubs i think there 50/92mm, i have 2 – $60 each

-OTK Right & Left Side Bumpers M4 – $50

-OTK BS5 Complete Brake System – includes front calipers,rotors,master cylinder,lines, and rear rotor,caliper, and master cylinder, line.  – asking $800 for the full brake setup but make me an offer.