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Patrick Roth

My two cents is I think we should get rid of the age limits and focus on the weights. Still have the cadets for 12 and under but for 12 and older it’s full size karts.

For example for 12 and older shifters:
Light Shifter = 325 lbs with engine restriction
Medium Shifter = 385 lbs with no engine restriction
Heavy Shifter = 415 lbs with no engine restriction

In many cases this will lead to the same classes we have today but it lets weight be the determining factor and hopefully encourages those that are frustrated with the sport because of the age/weight issue to come back. I would rather race those at the same weight and I don’t care if I’m getting beat by a kid, girl, senior citizen, or someone who’s name only has two letters, etc. I’m sure this idea has been brought up before but I truly think it has merit as poor “racecraft” has no age limit.