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Jay Sinon

Lower them NO raise them YES

I have a 15 year old that races seniors this year not because I want her to race adults but because of the weight. Yamaha Jr. is 320 Yamaha Sr. is 360lbs were we race and 350lbs in WKA. At 15 she can run junior or senior but We are 330lbs on the scale with no weight and a little fuel. Therefore we can not be competitive in the jr. class and had to move to Seniors in order to stay  competitive. I would love to stay in the juniors until 18, at 18 your out of high school and more likely to be considered a adult. If my kid takes out a adult we say sorry we are learning and move on but that adult  has to work on Monday and probably  races different because of that.

I also agree with Dan’s comment I’ve seen tempers flair and this becomes very touchy when it is a adult interacting with a child. Lets let children be children and add weight to the classes so they can stay in juniors longer and have more people be competitive for a longer period of time. My daughter now races against grown men that are 20lbs over the 360 weight so its not fair to them either.

I also believe that children are more aggressive and take more risks on the track because they can, and they don’t know better yet. An adult who breaks his arm he could be out of work for a while costing money to a child that breaks his/her arm this is a trophy at school were they get to tell the story over and over while all there friends sign there arm.

TaG Sr.