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Charles Skowron

David Cole wrote:

Do you think karting should ever lower the age limits in the Senior categories?


They should be higher….

That may seem befuddling to some. But the age brackets in various karting classes are screwed-up, and do not reflect the different needs and motives of all of the different types of karters, and the reality of the sport today.

Ideally it would be:

Cadet/Mini/Sportsman (or whatever you call it): Age 8/9-12

Junior: Age 13-18, (possibly even 13-21 or something around there)

Senior : Age 18/19+ (or 21+)

Masters: Age 40+

But with one notable change, and before a bunch of Junior-level parents start jumping up and down about the notion of having their kid having to race a junior kart until they’re 18: Have the Junior Classes run Senior-level karts/engines.

13 too young for a senior class kart? We already have 14 year-olds racing full-blown 125 shifters now. Would the difference between 13 and 14 be that much? There are Road Racing Motorcycle classes for racers that age now, and how much HP does an Outlaw Late Model put out as referenced in the story above?

This class-system would be for Sprint karting only, and wouldn’t apply to Road Racing/Enduro; which is an entirely different situation.