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Dan Breuer

Having raced since the age of 4 (karts until I was 16, cars for the last 30 years, karts and cars now), my view has changed. The biggest issue is not being competitive, as some of the kids are very talented; a bigger problem is when things go wrong. I have witnessed an ‘adult’ smack another competitor on the helmet for a wreck he caused-only to find out it was a 14 year old kid. Personally, I wanted to race with the adults when I grew up and did not understand why I couldn’t- I now see that the playing field is not level.  A ‘slide job’ gone bad from a kid to an adult is acceptable, but turn the tables  (heaven forbid someone is hurt), we are all in trouble. The adults should not have to worry about the age of a competitor, keep them racing in their own age groups!