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Yeah, I’m not sure and don’t mean to make a mountain out of a molehill here, but I just thought it was odd… Like I said, I’ve never run it before, so I guess I expected something different.

I spoke with a vender of Sunoco race fuels and he said it will start smelling like regular gasoline as it ages and that this could also have a lot to do with the way it was stored as well like Gif stated.

I purchased it from a Simons Petroleum here in Oklahoma City that is also supplied by Pilot Logistics. They supply race fuel for a vast majority of local and non-local racers. Although they did change the name to Simons recently if I recall… Still the same place, just a different name. (The company has since been purchased by Maxum Petroleum and gone public)

I spoke with them on the  phone with them and they said it should definitely have a race gas smell to it, but seeing how its leaded, it definitely wont be as sweet as my unleaded 101 due to the lead.

I threw some in my blower and the exhaust had a faint hint of race gas, but nothing that stood out like my 101. It ran perfectly fine and was actually easier to start. (Usually it is a PITA) Who knows… We will have to see I guess… Maybe Ill stick with the 101 and pay the extra $.