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Troy Berry

Thanks for the advise! That all seems to make sense. Tune the chassis to the tires as well as track conditions. I’ll bet as we hit our very hot and dry race days of summer here in the high desert  the new tires will make less of a difference. With the air temp at 70-80 and when the sun is out, he is having a hard time getting the tire pressure to raise much more than a pound per tire during a run. That is starting at 15- 16 lbs. A couple of the fast guys start a little higher around 18, but my driver starts sliding around a lot if I bump him up that much.  We are using Douglas LV Mag wheels which seem to be very consistent with their heat cycles.  What is the average or optimal heat gain that I should be getting during an average 12 lap session or race? I’m not sure he is getting the tires hot enough to get the rubber at the optimal grip level.


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