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Greg Jasperson

We just took delivery of our first BirelART AM29’s for our house drivers. Got 2 of them on track already for a little practice and we are impressed so far.

To my surprise, the chassis is a 3 bearing axle design. You still have about a 1.5″ window between it and the seat post for the chain though, so most motor mounts should work pretty easily. I have been told that they are developing a motor mount specific to the chassis later in the year as well. I was also very impressed that the seat struts and other accessories that came with the kart all fit perfectly even with the 206 engine.

We started with a pretty generic chassis setup, and found the karts very drivable and were running comparable laptimes to our previous chassis we were very successful with. Given a few more days testing, I think we will be faster yet.

One driver is JR at 300#, the other is Sr. at 375# and we ended up with only expected differences in setup between the two drivers given the weight difference. We are looking forward to racing them this season.