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Samir Shah

Hi Patrick. You are correct, I meant he was driving it hard and countersteering. I think the rear is sliding instead of gripping and lifting the other wheel.

We did have the front wider, and narrowed it, while increasing the rear by 10mm, and he likes it better wih the front narrowed.  We tried increasing castor (to max), but he only got slower – did not like it, prefers neutral caster.

The other kids literally get their topkarts’ inside wheel to life 4-6 inches off the ground (they have 50mm axles, I have a 40mm).

Should I see daylight?

I was going to try:

– widen front by 5mm each side

– add front torsion bar

– try caster at 7.5pm/4.5pm (instead pf 6pm when facing front).

Would bigger rear hubs help by effectively stiffening the axle?