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Spencer Uzri


To load onto a truck bed, situate the kart on the stand facing fwd at the gate.  Operate the stand to lower the kart until the stand’s front support drops below the level of the tailgate; lift the front end up & roll the stand fwd to get the kart nose on the gate; now simultaneously push the stand fwd to push the kart fwd & operate the stand to continue lowering, pushing the kart onto the bed & dropping the stand out of the way.

The unloading procedure works in reverse: face the stand towards the back of the truck, setting its height to where the hooks are approx. level with tailgate.  Roll it up to the tailgate so the rear bumper support hooks are just in front of, & the stand’s front support is underneath, the tailgate.  Now back the kart up & slightly off the edge of the gate & get the rear bumper on the hooks.  From there, simultaneously raise the stand up while rolling it backwards, pulling the kart out/off the bed & onto the stand, timing it so the the stand’s front support comes up, clears the tailgate, & catches the front of the kart.

Easy peasy.