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Rodney Smith


You are 100% correct in this situation!  If someone had pointed this out to us we would have moved it immediately.  At WKC we try to take every precaution necessary to make it as safe of an event as possible.  Brandon Taylor our race director goes out of his way to make sure competitors are racing in the safest conditions possible.  This was clearly and oversight by the corner worker working the area.  Also want to point out that this picture does not do the corner any justice it is a left hand up hill turn and not flat as it kind of appears in the picture.  I am no where near trying to make and excuse as we all know things can end up where you never expect them.

Anyone attending a future WKC event see’s something like this please let myself, Brandon or any other Board of Director know and it will be resolved as quick as possible.

Thanks again for pointing this out and we will see that it does not happen in the future.