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Christian Fox

Jerry,  an evo micro can’t be run with any success without limiting the throttle. You will have massive low end bog and limited top end. People were having so much difficulty finding the right slide setting, Maxspeed is now shipping a throttle stop similar (slightly shorter) to the old fr125 piece. It is going to be a mandatory piece (this is a good thing). With the throttle stop in place, we average 200 more rpm on the top end vs. our old fr125 setup. Without the stop, we were 200 rpm lower. The exhaust header is 4mm smaller in evo form; you can’t expect to just dump more air than before with a smaller exhaust outlet and get good results. And, no, jetting is now open for evo micro; most guys are way leaner than a 115. Set up correctly, an evo (new or upgrade) is way faster than a fr125 micro. Not even close, actually.