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Jerry Brown

We have seen good success with an out of the box EVO – like has been mentioned – the driver is exceptional. Continue to do what you know how to do and you will find the power. We are a long way from having this figured out but are making progress each and every session on track. Correct me if I am wrong – I understand the following things thus far 1. No throttle limiter is required. In fact if there was one I would find it to be an additional problem given the new motors struggle to attain anywhere near the top RPM’s the older packages were capable of.  It is also my understanding that the ONLY allowed Jets are those in the package delivered with the engine – that is range 115-130. The engine comes with a 130 installed, after break in you know what to do with that. Ours got tore down at the first race – We had to reseal and looking at the pipe now after some slight tuning changes, she is still running on the lean side – we have a lot of work to do jetting and clip wise and dealing with the same old micro issue  – too big of a carb for a little zinger like this. Just noticed the new twin air filter comes pre soaked with oil – looking forward to running it dry (not done yet) and getting some clean air in there. This is going to be a real challenge working toward Kershaw in 2 short months. We have had no issue what so ever with the wiring or the quality of components YET.