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Tim Koyen

Hi Juan,

I’m hoping that we are shipping the “transport catch” within 2 weeks.  Its a very simple, easy to install, mechanism that will hold the kart securely in the upright position, by fixing it to the handle.  If you have the larger 3000lb or 3500lb winches, or the older Badland 2000lb winch, these all have internal mechanical brakes and shouldn’t require any external catch.

All KartLift dealers have access to the Frame Support Kit, but very few stock it.  It can be ordered directly from us for $70, which includes shipping in the lower 48 states. 877-777-8020.  Warning, this kit only fits full sized chassis, and is not yet compatible with rookie/cadet karts, or karts narrower that most standard chassis.

Regarding the hook position; If you are using a bumper with slots in it for pickup, then the hooks should be going in there.  The kart should sit pretty level then, but if your bumper is the type without handholes, and the hooks wrap around the whole thing, then it may be necessary to shorten the cables to get it more level.  If you send me an email with how much you want them shortened, I’d be happy to make you (or anyone else who needs them) a new set of cables.  You can reach me at tim@KartLift.com.  Thanks!


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