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Eric Jacky

just got this from my Rotax contact. They are aware of the issue, and they believe it is not electronic, but rather not enough RPMs on the low end, and the engine is just choking off.

“We have come up with a solution to this problem, but many times the problem was one of the engine not rising up in RPM’s. We had a special sleeve made for the carburetor. It is CNC’d, and is 33mm long to put inside the cap of the carburetor.”

They shipped a bunch to Maxspeed, but I’m guessing its not going to be cut and dried getting one.  I’ve reached out to our dealer (who learned about it from we, the customers) as MS has apparently not sent out info.  She is going to try and get me one, but not making promises.

this jives with what I’m seeing the last couple days with others in our class getting their kits with a mysterious new piece for the carb that wasn’t there in our kit.  So hoping that helps, now its a matter of getting one!