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Eric Jacky

Luis, they definitely like to be rolled on vs stomped on.  We’ve noticed that as well.  I’m no jetting expert by any means, but I’ve traditionally heard “popping” is associated with being too lean.  We’ve been running best at 115 in high humidity for our micromax, but the junior may want a little more. 118 may simply be too lean for your conditions.  I’ve reached out to Rotax about the coil question and so far have not heard anything back.  After spending a nightmare month chasing this EVO, I’m two seconds from getting an LO206 and being done with this Rotax stuff.  Lots of frustrated folks down here in FL.  We’ve at least had ours for a month, most people are just getting their kits this week.  Plus they are saying the kit is now including a throttle slide stop which it didn’t before, which tells me they realize there are problems and are trying to do something about it.