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Walt Gifford

There’s 2 kinds of karts, off set LTO (left turn only) and straight up karts for road courses. If you have a straight kart just put the same tires on both sides and space them out the same and you’re good to turn both ways. If the rear is offset to the right just set up an oval and have fun that way.

If it’s a racing kart you’ll have a bad time on the average grass field. You need at least 4″ of ground clearance and turf tires for that kind of fun. I use to drive all around the neighborhood and the woods and fields with a Bronco kart but it was a very rural area and sometimes those trees will jump out in front of you.

People set up tracks in old parking lots all the time. It’s not legal unless you have permission from the owner but people do it. You just have to have some common sense about where light polls, buildings are and any traffic or cops that might drive through. The thing is old parking lots have allot of dusty crap on them and you’re almost sure to get a flat tire (that can’t be fixed) at some point.


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