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Ray Mcik

Hi Omar,

I race at OVKA for quite a few years, we have members that travel from Frankfort, Florance and further from Kentucky , also from Mansfield Ohio and as far away as Illinois . Why ? Because of the races we put on, we average over 100 single entries every raceday.  So we must be doing something that makes it worth while for them to be willing to travel to race with us.

You can  practice all day for $10 and meet for great people to will help you.
$35 for driver’s first kart class entry.
$30 for each additional kart class entry, entered by the same driver

You can race all 14 races in a our series or  as many as you want.

You will get a lot of help to be competitive with a very family friendly atmosphere .

Please feel free to shoot me a pm to my number and I will glad to help you out.