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Jay Sinon


What point did I prove ? I thought I proved that  karts aren’t the same that there are big differences between them all. There are big differences in the same kart manufacture just from year to year and model to model. Take Top Kart if you buy a 2014 or earlier you get a brake system that uses screws and springs to return the pistons back inside the caliper and when your brakes start to wear you need to put shims in behind the pads because the pistons only have so much movement. That’s a lot of work just to have brakes! Now in 2015 they changed brake systems and now they use a self adjusting brake system similar to a car. The master cylinder holds enough fluid in it to keep pushing out the pistons until the brakes wear out just like a automotive system. Then we could talk about floating rotors over fixed rotors, 30mm frames over 32mm frames. There are so many differences between models and years not to mention the differences between manufacture’s.

So my point was when you said  ”A kart is a kart, it’s just a steel tubular frame with 4 rubber tires.” I don’t think that is true. Do I love my Tony/Kosmic frame Absolutely! Do I think that there are a lot of good kart manufactures out there Yes. Do I think there is a lot of differences out there Absolutely! and that was my point.


Good luck on what ever you pick. In the end its not what frame you pick but how much fun your having on it!

TaG Sr.