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Colm O’Higgins

Well, Kart Life is the most commented Forum topic on ekartingnews.

And so far it is the ONLY kart racing show EVER on National television.  Despite some good magazines from time to time.  This is not the ‘old days’  or the about the average karter.  I have watched every episode that I can.  (It is on the Action channel here in Canada).  It bares, to the annoyance of many writers, the essence of kart racing.  Kart racing is expensive, competitive, fun, potentially life threatening, well policed, controlled classes, available to all, and nationwide.

Compare this to what happens in Europe or Asia.  Full sponsorship for only a few.  But the crowds at big events.  Wow.

Two things I learned about racing:  cubic inches and cubic dollars matter.  Every driver cannot be the winner but the rest can always have dreams or simply enjoy what they do.  Kart racing has been a huge secret since the mid 1960’s.  Finally it appears on National TV…and some of you guys complain !!

These days there are many forms of extreme activities (sponsored by Red Bull or Monster Energy, etc.); back in the day kart racing stood alone as a pursuit, almost.  Very seldom track owners (such as Gus Trader in Quincy) promoted our sport to the local businesses and town.  “Race in the Park” anyone?  Look at the street races in Rock Island.  They have been around for decades.

“Kart Life” is great.  Can be even better, but it has garnered a 2nd season and in Prime Time too.  Geez, Malukas in a NYC subway.  Who else has done that?  Junior Neal has been on Fox News;  that made Vintage headlines.

George, my friend, you do not see NCP owner and Indycar great Mark Dismore or any reference to the legends of the past at all.  This show is a true glimpse of modern day kart racing at the highest Junior level and the need for resources, both time and money. And the warts abound !

And done in a competitive spirit.

Thanks for reading between the lines…