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Larry Hayashigawa

I ran Rotax Masters in So Cal for 7 or 8 years until this year. I’ve run CRG Road Rebel 32 mm and BlackStar 30 mm/32 mm, Energy 30 mm/32 mm and the TonyKart (OTK) EV-series 30 mm. I ran CRG for 2 years, ran Tony for 2 years, then ran the Energy for a year and then went back to Tony 3 more years.

What makes the Rotax series somewhat unique is the relatively low grip Mojo tires. If you run Masters and have to add lots of weight the situation gets even more exaggerated as many of the other kart brands have a difficult time generating enough side bite to effectively lift the inside rear tire. The more flexible chassis allow the IR to lift easier resulting in better roll through the turns with less sliding but….

Admittedly, I’ve never run the more recent all 30 mm chassis brand (Birel and ??) and that might be the critical requirement.