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Dan Brown

The version I am considering is the Extreme Indy, which appears to be homologated and starts at the lower price. The price does go up few hundred dollars if the spindle are changed to the 25mm with larger kingpins and the wheels are upgraded to magnesium over the base aluminum. I am looking to set up one for Jr. Tag for my son, and may buy a pair and set up the other one for Sr. Rotax for me. As far as resale value goes, it seems most chassis that are a season old bring about half price what a new one does, give or take. Resale price is something to consider, but I was also looking at the parts availability and parts price, quality, adjustability etc. I have located several of the locally, including a brand new in the crate 2010 model, and have the opportunity to drive one when the weather cooperates. I figure that is the best way to tell if its anything I want to spend my money on or not.