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Randy McKee

Hard to tell too much about the jetting from here and there are so many things that can affect it.  First, how do you know it’s rich?  Did you read the plug or piston top?  It could actually be lean if it’s causing a hard ‘bog’ out of the corner.

The outside temp does affect the air but, it can be so different from day to day (or hour to hour).  A weather gauge is your best friend when trying to set jetting based on air changes.  Anyway, if you’re used to running safe jetting and it usually works, don’t worry too much about that right now.

Check your plug to verify jetting and work from there.  It could be your pilot, needle, main, pumps, floats etc.  Any could cause the problem, but since you mentioned new pump and floats, my guess is:

Fuel pump isn’t working correctly which would mean it’s lean. (this could also be caused by a pinched fuel line or tank pickup problem)

Floats aren’t set (or maybe stuck) and it’s could be lean or rich.

What’s the fuel sitch?  Do you know it to be good fresh fuel?