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Jay Sinon

I disagree with a kart is a kart. I agree that practically everyone is using the same basic frame design made mostly with the same Italian steel, but there is much more to a kart then the frame. Personally I love the Tony karts braking system there were many manufactures that didn’t even use a automotive style master cylinder so you would have to constantly adjust or shim the brakes every race day. I see that Top Kart this year finally came out with what appears to be a decent brake system that will adjust on its own. One other thing that makes them different is the camber/caster adjustments some karts as the Tony karts come stock with a lot more adjustment then some other karts, then again the Margay seems to have the easiest and best camber/caster I’ve ever seen to set up and change.

Just IMO of course I don’t run TAG so I wouldn’t know which frame size to run.  I run Yamaha on a Kosmic Mercury. I have seen guys who run TAG on both the 30mm mercury frame as well as the 32mm Lynx frame The guys on the 30mm frame say that they twist and handle better and the guys using the 32mm frames say they would just wear out a 3omm frame to fast.

TaG Sr.