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Dan Brown

I agree that the pic in some of the ads is just a generic picture. Every description of the chassis states it has a removable front torsion bar. Some of the companies selling it show that bar in the pics, others do not. I would think that a 32/50 setup with the larger front spindles and hubs and the magnesium wheels would be fine for TaG. That complete setup sells for about $2700, still a great price for a new chassis. On the kart warehouse site under specs it does list a homologation number after the brake description, but is that just for the brakes or the whole kart? It also states on several sites CIK certified chassis, not sure what that means either.

The honest truth is we ( my sons and I ) are like a lot of families that race, we do it for fun. We are competitive, we want to win, we fantasize about being the best in the world but the bottom line is we have a limited budget, and we spend weekends together having fun. So far some decent used karts have gotten us pretty far, but if I can swing it financially I want to upgrade to a couple new karts for the 2016 season, maybe even later this year. These RR Extremes seem to offer a lot of bang for the buck, but without seeing results in person or talking to owners who will give me an honest opinion of them how do I really know if they are worth purchasing? If it was a kart being offered by an unknown or sketchy company I would stay away from them, but since Righetti Ridolfi is a proven company that has been around forever, and makes great kart parts, I would tend to think that these karts are of very good quality. I guess time will tell.