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Walt Gifford


I went shopping on the sites you mentioned and the link above. There seems to be some confusion to the ads. They all say front torsion bar but I don’t see it in the pics of the 30mm frame.

I think fasttech is selling a 32mm frame configured with 17mm spindles/8mm king pins and aluminum wheels and that’s why the price is the same as the 30mm frame kart? If I’m wrong that’s a great price, maybe worth a phone call.

The kart on MM racing is 30mm with 40mm axle 17mm spindles which I think is ok for world formula but not legal for LO206. I’ve raced a chassis that light in yamaha sportsman just to make weight and it wasn’t fun to drive on a tight track. Can’t imagine a TAG motor on it.

If I were going for Yamaha pipe or tag I would make sure I was getting the 25mm spindles/10mm king pins and a 32mm frame with the front torsion bar and 50mm axle. Looks like Acceleration has the best deal on that plus they say it comes with mag wheels.

I don’t think you could go wrong with this brand. A big plus, when you want cheap RR parts you don’t have to retrofit, they bolt right on there. Anyway, at that price I’m going to get one, just can’t decide which one for LO206 and my big torso lol.


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