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Eddie Ilavia

This championship was tight and hard fought by all since back in January and continued in February and on into March. While it boiled down to 2 drivers I want to congratulate all that raced as it may have been small in quantity but rest assured the quality was second to none. I was more nervous and on edge when watching DD2 than I was watching my youngest David battle it out with 20+ other Juniors at the front of that talented field. Throughout January and February we definitely had opportunities and thought about effecting the outcomes due to some questionable on track tactics but really thought best to leave it in the judgement of the officials and the drivers on track. After all, like I stated earlier the racing was tremendous whether Michael or some other competitor came out on top. This was Michael’s wish and edict as he stated he wanted to settle it out on track even after situations negatively impacted him previously in Tucson and Phoenix. I commend him for that and respect him immensely for wanting it that way. So making guarantees for others actions may be normal operating procedures for others but not in the Ilavia Family Manual. CONGRATULATIONS on the ticket appreciate your stance on the matter but please speak for only yourself on what you would or would not do as your actions have shown. I am so proud of how Michael handled himself all series long, he taught me and many others a thing or two and I can’t tell you how proud I am of my two Boys ON and OFF THE TRACK!”