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Bob Vehring

Hey Dale, If the CIK guys don’t want to pay $1500 for a set of brakes, tell them they can buy a complete American chassis for that, take the brakes of and throw the rest away……..OK I bet those guys don’t like the 4 cy sense of humor.

I understand that if asked some people may agree to relaxing the safety rule to bring more people into their world I be willing to bet those people never had the job of getting people off the wall, that wern’t going home that night. In my years at RA,I had that job, twice. It does change you way of thinking.

So where do you draw the line? Cloans and LO are considerably slower, at Blackhawk we lap LO206 in a 15 min race. I don’t think we have any cloans

Now Tag or any of the like classes. They are a bunch faster the BP Animal on the straights, no question, but we do not slow down near as much in a corner as they do.
So was the decission on which classes were to be involved based solely on wanting to bring in new entries? or was safety/speed considered? From your post above it states that it was unanimous among committee yet you refer to limited and I believe you guys thought it was a CIK body G cup class You also refer to BP Animal as the “the slowest kart on the track ” from the 4 cy side, its the second fastest behind Limited. To me, its seams clear that other then Jack, I doubt most of the Comm. understand our world deeply. Thats not a slam because I’m the first to admit, I don’t understand TaG or laydown, but I would never try to make rules for them.
Dale we both know, this is done, it doesn’t matter anymore, WKA has done as they saw fit. My best hope is it gave people something to think about