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Bob Vehring

Certainly, I can’t say I haven’t noticed the same things as Kevin, but I have to ask this. Seeing how that problem has gone on for decades, probably longer, so many people, big and small fired, then blamed for the problems. How is it there is a post on Bobs this weekend from a WKA offical, I quote’

” “The good news is that way of thinking is gone at WKA. Those people are now running the AKRA series. ”

Blaming this round of problems on the current group who left, so Really after all these rounds you guys haven’t found a group yet capable of running this without problems. Maybe, just maybe, the problem is bigger, maybe its because running WKA falls on the shoulders of a group of trustees. FOr as long as I have been around, my trustee has been a Man Cup person. While there have been many, none ever knew much about Road Racing, 4 cy, ovals or dirt, again they were strictly Man Cup people. That doesn’t make them bad, but it doesn’t make them qualified to run the other series. Then of course we have to get to running the business of WKA, which needs to be done by business people etc.

The comments made here about have Van and Rick made RR’ing better or worse, which sounds like he means entry numbers really addresses very little.
Other then fighting the cost of gas/travel etc everything faces, I think RR has held on well. M Cup of course has gone right down the crapper because of direct challenges from several other groups. G cup and both oval series I think took the hit well before the Rick and Van show took over.
I think the most important question, and I really don’t have the answer is this, Did Rick and Van dig WKA out of a very deep financial hole., What I hear says, yes and put some serious money in the bank for WKA. Too me while WKA never have been very public about money, this show that they did do a good job of handling what needed to be done. Again to me, thats a good sign of leadership

Now If your following along at Bobs, you know I have been asking if there was any kind of statement made by Mr Ferris. I never heard of him until 2 months ago. What is his background, is he a road racer? what is his business experience? so far not a word. Again if following at Bobs, AKRA makes announcements, As does Dart, and CES. This alone does not make the new WKA look good.