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Reid Smith

Did you ever get this sorted out?  My 11 year old was in an OTK cadet for most of last season, and he noticed quite a bit of difference in the brakes compared to the 2008ish era Arrow 1020 Sportsman/Junior chassis we ran for a few races prior to buying the Tony Kart used.  The brakes on the TKR were so soft and progressive (and a bit leaky on one side of the caliper) that I ended up completely rebuilding them.   He really had to put a lot into them to get close to locking up the rear.  In talking to other folks, I generally got the impression that the OTK brakes weren’t quite as direct on the input as, say, the Arrow.  I did read somewhere that OTK brakes that are working properly on an adult kart are much more similar to the kind of pedal feel and progressiveness on a larger race car.  He could haul the Arrow down with very little input, but I have more than a couple of instances of up in the top of the sweeper turns on our local track when he was adjusting to the TKR braking input required.  Rebuilding them shouldn’t be that difficult, but I wouldn’t think 2014 chassis would need it.