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Adam Gorrell

I run the Hegar Starter on one of my Shifters. It is absolutely amazing. Keep in mind that the $650 Price Tag includes Starter, Shorai Lithium Battery, 2 Different Mounts (Bar or plate between feet), and wire loom. Well worth the money for sure. Just keep in mind since it goes seat side of the motor, depending on space, you may need the offset motor mount as well. If you do need that you will need the Offset Drive Gear also as well as an Offset J-Arm. Sine my seat and motor had not enough room I had to get the mount, gear, and j-arm as well. Super easy to install. Took me maybe 30 minutes and about 15 minutes to zip tie the wiring in place. If you can save up for one nice perk for your kart, I would say that would be it for sure.