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Linda Baldus

Another great banquet. Thanks to the Read family once again for everything they do for KART MARRS.
Good food, companionship, fun, etc. Prizes were great. A full set of laydown bodywork, color of your choice. Thanks to Mark McNaught for that. MyChron 4 gauges, GoPro camera, caster/camber ??. Bully clutch, several sets of tires. Plus everything else. How could you miss.
A shame there weren’t more at the swap meet. The weather was perfect and so was the bench-racing. Mike sold some stuff, and got a sun-burn.
Good fun!
See everyone @ Lake Afton April 25th and 26th, if not before. “Let’s go racing boys (and girls).”

Keep on kartin'. llb
Raymore, MO