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Casey Brier

does anyone know where to find info and parts for this? I know its a seal engine, so a crank replacement would need to be sent off. but I’m having a heck of a time finding any info on this thing. ive tried to find people talking about this key issue, info on why it wont idle. how to clean the carb, anything. I am usually pretty good at finding this stuff on the internet, but I am not having luck with this engine. and I find that odd. I feel like im missing the all mighty web site that everyone else knows about lol.


I did take the carb apart and cleaned the main jet and the jet with the six holes (I cant remember the name off hand). honestly it didn’t seem like either were dirty and the cause of my issue. I dont know if my idle is solved now though as I have not run it yet. I wont until I get this all back together.

Hopefully there was some dirt in there that i didnt notice and it runs like a champ when I get it running again….. but Ill be surprised.