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Dan Brown

I can only guess on the low price, but best I can figure is many of the European karts use Righetti Ridolfi components. They have to buy these from RR at a markup, so putting the same parts on your own brand karts would come at a significant cost savings for RR. They also aren’t offering a bunch of different models like the other manufacturers. Any time a new model is introduced there is a huge cost involved from designing, engineering, manufacturing, marketing etc. The Extreme karts are basically 2 frames, and the only difference in them is the tubing size, either 30 or 32 mm. Every other difference is a bolt on component to change them from class to class, and all those components are ones that RR already mass produces for other manufacturers or the aftermarket. They also use the dealer network that sells their parts to sell the karts too. All this keeps costs down. I just would like to hear some real world experience as to how they drive, and how easily they adjust and react to chassis tuning. I guess I may just have to order one and find out for myself.