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Robert Lawson

Looks like a busy day here on EKN.

All it takes is a change in the weather and the itch gets unbearable!!! :)



would love to have (and welcome!) swap guys displaying some parts/etc. I think we can do that super cheap because we have a good strong list of driver at this time.



It’s been awhile, I look forward to seeing you!



Most of you who have stopped by to chat in the past few seasons know my good friend Chuck. He is from the old neighbor hood, knows my entire family and has come to races on and off for many years. He has a “bucket list” of tracks he wanted to visit and it has influienced my choices the past few years. VIR is still to be crossed off that list, but he has had a set back.

I spent 10 hours with him yesterday after rushing him to the Hospital with very low blood pressure. Please, say a prayer & keep him in your thoughts today. Chuck loves the track, loves the karts and is a true fan of anyone running up front……even my competitors!!!!


Thanks All,