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Chris Hegar

It’s very hard to find a starter unit that will fit in your seat and through a hole to start a 125 with but it can be done. We also started 125 laydowns and TM moto packages the same with a large real kart starter but it’s a pain. Pretty good compression from a 125 especially when it’s been sitting around cold makes me think the drill idea isn’t gonna cut it. Our piece is compact, user friendly and durable, that’s what we attempted to build for the operator, $649 is a lot of cash but once you spend the time to create a system that actually works you’ll find you wish you had asked more. Set of tires is $250-$275, it’s a consumable, gas $6+ per gallon also consumable, these are items a 125 eats daily but we don’t hesitate to pay for. $499 Mychron, $770 expansion pack, AMB transponder, items like this don’t give up and are all on par with our starter’s life span. Were not trying to rob anyone but this item was lots of work and it does have a good group standing behind it. It’s not for everyone but it is here if you need it.