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Tim Koyen

Interestingly enough, I ran into my old FedEx driver the other day, and he asked if I watched that show, Kart Life.  I told him yes, and that I was at most of those races and appeared in the background in some of the episodes.  He said that he saw my kart stands on the show.  I told him the show wasn’t very realistic and that most of the drama was contrived, but that the racing was real and in general, that’s how those events go.  He said he liked the show and wished he could’ve raced like that when he was a kid.  He also said that he never noticed any of the “editing liberties” that were taken, and that he thought it was a fun show to watch.

This guy knows nothing about karting, other than the kart stands ship in heavy boxes, but he likes the show.  Go figure.

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