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Mark Traylor

I did hear back from Maxspeed.  They sold kits out nearly immediately as they had an excruciatingly small quantity of kits.  They apparently do  have DD2 kits but that is all and just a few.   They wont have for for about 4 weeks.  I would think that there will be a ton sold, even to people well out of racing just so that the engines could be sold just as it was with HPV/KPV.  With the installed base of Rotax I would guess they will be selling near 2000 of these kits.  It seems like a nightmare for just a few people to wade through all the serial numbers and make calls back.  Maybe I am way off and only active racers will be buying any of the kits but if I had an engine just sitting around I think I would buy the kit so it can be sold.  after the kit goes to retail price an non upgraded engine wont be worth anything.